Net Pay Advance Reviews

net pay advance reviews

Article Title: How Does This Lender Stack Up?

Short Description: They are a direct installment loan provider operating in Texas and California. They are not a tribal lender, which are not governed by U.S. laws. They are a local company that abides by U.S. government and state laws. But is a loan from this lender worth it? We investigate...

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They offer two types of loans:  single pay loans and installment loans.  Single pay loans are very similar to payday loans.  You obtain the loan and repay in one lump sum, typically on your next paycheck cycle.  Installment loans, on the other hand, can be repaid back over the course of a few months.  The latter option is usually a better fit for most customers.  Depending on the type of loan, you can borrow as little as $100 up to a maximum of $1,500.  Interest rates are between 391.07% – 664.29% APR, which is considered fairly high.

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  • Operates locally in California and Texas.  Not part of a tribal, sovereign nation.
  • Offers access to fast cash, from $100 up to $1,500
  • Good option if you’ve exhausted all other financing options (use as a last resort)


  • Interest rates are fairly high – 391.07% – 664.29% APR
  • Not a good solution for large financial purchases
  • Single pay loans must be fully repaid on the next paycheck cycle

According to payday loan statistics, only 14 percent of borrowers are financially capable of repaying a short term loan. In spite of this, it appears that more and more people are considering payday loans, in order to deal with emergency expenses.

This merely points out one thing: borrowers should approach borrowing more sensibly, and carefully assess whether taking out a short-term loan is the right option for them.

Considerably high interest rates are the #1 reason most borrowers struggle with repaying their loans. Such high interest rates throw many people into a vicious debt cycle – forcing them to borrow even more money in order to cover their initial loan.

It is very important to take the time to research the types of short term loans, as well as the integrity of the lender you’re considering.

If you’ve come across Net Pay Advance, you may have wondered whether it’s a scam or not. Continue reading our in-depth analysis of this lender’s reputation, as well as our investigation of Net Pay Advance reviews.

Introduction to Net Pay Advance

Initially founded in 2007 by Brian J. Staver, Net Pay Advance represents a financial service company, which lends fast cash to people that struggle financially.

According to the company, technology lies at the core operation of this firm – it aims at making the lending process easy, smooth and frictionless. In addition to that, by using state-of-the-art technology, a borrower’s financial information is always secure.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that this lender concentrates on providing short-term loans. A payday loan is an alternative form of credit you can access quickly, in spite of your low credit rating or your low income.

The cost of this convenience is the fact that the APR of payday loans is higher than in the case of traditional loans. This is mainly because of the lenient eligibility criteria, which have to be compensated for in one way or another.  

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Loan Options

There are two main categories of loans you can secure with Net Pay Advance –  single pay loans or installment loans.

Single Pay Loans

In the case of single pay loans, they are accessible to residents of Texas and California only. This means that you’ll repay the money you borrowed when you receive your next paycheck.

Usually, the due date of payment is calculated depending on the date when you signed the contract.

There is no credit check required for this type of loan – which is one of the main things that make it appealing to people with less than perfect credit. In addition to that, this is clearly an advantage if you need money ASAP.

Essentially, most positive Net Pay Advance reviews pointed out just that – the high level of convenience associated with this lender.

You don’t have to provide any collateral either.

Installment Loans

On the other hand, we have installment loans. Installment loans differ from single pay loans, as you make the repayments in installments, over a set period of time. This can be more convenient for budgeting purposes.

However, Net Pay advance installment loans are only available in Texas.

Usually, the payments are determined over a period of 180 days. With each payment you make, you will decrease the principal balance of the loan. After showing a positive payment history, customers are entitled to borrow up to $1,500.

Once again, no collateral or credit check is required before approving the loan application.

The return fee for installment loans is $30. There is also a late fee applicable in the case you can’t make on time payments. The company also accepts partial payments.

However, keep in mind that the same policy doesn’t apply to single pay loans.

What is the APR and How Much Will it Cost?

The high APR is usually a major concern for people considering payday lenders. And this comes as no surprise, as the interest rates tend to be quite high. It’s worth pointing out that the APR will essentially depend on the conditions of the loan, as well as your financial situation.

This also includes additional fees and charges the lender may apply. The reason why the APR is important is that it actually reveals the real cost of the loan.

With that in mind, the APR is high – it can go up to 460 percent on a two-week loan. To get an idea, by comparison, the APR for a traditional car loan ranges between four and seven percent.

Therefore, if you do choose to take out a short-term loan, make sure you acknowledge that you will pay a lot of money in the form of interest and fees. In addition to that, in order to prevent entering a vicious debt cycle, you have to create a budget and prioritize paying off your debts. This should be a golden rule for people struggling financially.

Minimum, Maximum Loan Amounts and Loan Terms

Another important consideration is the amount of money you can borrow with Net Pay Advance. As stated on the company’s official website, this will depend on the type of loan. Aside from this, it will be based on the state you are borrowing money from, as each state has its individual regulations.

Single pay loans, which are available to residents of Texas and California, the amount of money you can borrow ranges from $100 to $1,000, with a possible payment extension of 3 days. In regard to the return fee, though, it will depend on the state, once again, so make sure you check this out in advance.

In California, for instance, as stated by the law, the maximum amount you can borrow in the form of a short-term loan is $255.00. For each $100 you borrow, you will most likely pay $17.65.

And according to California law, the loan must be repaid in full on the specified due date.

The eligible amounts with installment loans range from $100 to $1,500. The loan term for this form of financing is usually 180 days. You may also get a payment extension, of about 5 days. Net Pay Advance accepts partial payments when it comes to installment loans, which is not the case with single pay loans.

In case you cannot make the payments on your loan, then your account will be redirected to the company’s in-house Collections team.

Afterward, the team will work on establishing a payment arrangement that will address your individual needs.

Loan Eligibility

What criteria do you have to meet in order to get a loan with Net Pay Advance?

As is the case with most online lenders, the eligibility criteria is not very strict. However, here’s what the lender looks for: the age of the applicant (you have to be 18 years old, at a minimum), you need a checking account, and you need to verify your address.

This is mandatory so that Net Pay Advance establishes they are legally capable of operating in your state.

Net Pay Advance accepts Social Security Income as well.

As soon as your loan request is approved, you will be informed via email.

Our advice to you would be to ensure that you have the financial means to make the repayments. And this applies whether you will choose Net Pay Advance or any other online lender for a change.

What Do Consumer Reviews Indicate?

The feedback we found online was mixed. Nevertheless, most of the reviews were on the positive side, even though we still found some featuring negative customer experiences.

Therefore, many Net Pay Advance reviews have pointed out that the company is easy to work with, has lenient eligibility criteria and offers stellar customer service. These are all elements that really matter for a positive customer experience. Perhaps the idea that was recurrent in the majority of reviews was the ease of application, as well as the convenience. Nevertheless, some complained that the company may have difficulty processing payments.

At the same time, other people, whose application was initially approved, had their application refused afterward. Such scenarios weren’t that frequent, but they were still present – impairing the overall positive spirit of most Net Pay Advance reviews.

Aside from this, many have complained about the very high interest. That is not all, some people with bad credit said that they didn’t get the financing they needed.

Overall, the opinions regarding the operation of this company are mixed. The thing is that short term loans do come with high interest rates. This is something you should keep in mind when applying for this form of financing.

The Bottom Line

All in all, even if payday loans don’t have a positive reputation, when handled correctly, they may work for you.

Just remember to avoid taking out payday loans in order to cover your daily expenses, as this isn’t a long-term solution to money issues.

However, applying for a short term loan to cover an emergency expense, may be beneficial.

Make sure you fully assess the costs that come with this decision.


Net Pay Advance Loan Reviews: Read Our Reviews on This Fast Cash, Short Term Lender to Find Out

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