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Want the best auto loan rates? It's usually a good idea to get pre-approved by your lender.  Typical rates are as follows:  New Cars - 4.74% , Used Cars - 4.74% and refinancing generally falls within 2.99%.  These are the rates as of May 5th, 2019.  Rates can change from time to time, depending on the loan marketplace.  Most dealerships have their own preferred financing partners, but they aren't your only option by any means.  It's best to shop around for auto loan rates outside of the dealership. If you finance through a dealership, online, credit union, bank or other, the pre-approval application is typically very easy.  To get pre-approved and see actual auto loan rates, you'll need:  proof of income, proof of assets, employment verification, driver's license and social security number.  It's much easier for lenders to give you a guaranteed rate based when they know your financial status.