Tribal Loans: Lenders, Rates, Terms and Comparisons

Are tribal loans right for you?

If you’re looking for a short-term installment loan, a tribal loan might be your answer.

In this article, we’ll go over how tribal loans work, and advantages/disadvantages.

We’ll also show you tribal loan rates and terms.

But, word to the wise…this type of loan has high interest rates. We’re talking triple digit interest rates. And sometimes, in the four digits!

Before you apply to any lender, make absolute sure you use this loan for an emergency only. And pay it off as soon as you can.

Let’s talk about how tribal loans work for a minute.

Tip: Have you read our guide on tribal loans yet?

How Tribal Loans Work

Tribal loans are installment loans that are repaid, with interest, over a set period of time. Most lenders work with you even if you have a low credit score.
Important note: Tribal lenders operate outside the federal government and state laws. Lenders are owned and operated by their respective sovereign Indian nation.
Tribal loans are nothing more than installment loans, financed by a tribal nation vs. a bank.
Most reputable lenders are certified by the Native American Financial Services Association.
Here’s what you need to qualify for a tribal loan:
  • A valid driver’s license or photo ID

  • A valid checking account for deposits and payments

  • A verifiable source of income (job, etc)

  • Step 1: Find a tribal lender (see our table below for lenders, rates and terms).

How to Get Tribal Loans

  1. Find a tribal lender (see our table below for lenders, rates and terms).
  2. Found a lender you’re comfortable with? Start the application on their website.
  3. Let them know how much you’d like to borrow.
  4. Prepare the following documents, as you will need them. Driver’s license (photo ID), employment verification, and checking account number and routing number.
  5. Wait a few minutes for approval
  6. Review the loan rates and terms very carefully. If all is good, proceed with signing.
  7. If approved, you’ll have funds deposited into your account within 24 business hours.
  8. Repay your loan as set forth in the lender terms. Make sure you pay on time. And if possible, pay it off ASAP.

Tribal Loans Advantages

This type of bad credit loan has it’s advantages.

But, it also comes with disadvantages as well.

Let’s see what the advantages are.

  • Helps you fund a short-term, emergency financial situation

  • Application process and funding is simple

  • Helps people with bad credit get access to funds

  • Get access to funds within 24 business hours if approved

  • Some lenders report on-time payments to credit bureaus, which helps rebuild credit

Tribal Loans Disadvantages

Now, let’s dig into the disadvantages.
  • Interest rates can be in the high triple digits (and sometimes higher)

  • It can look bad on your credit history

  • If you can’t make payments, debt collectors will not stop calling you

  • If you can’t make the payments, the lender will debit your checking account and may overdraft it

  • You could dig yourself deeper into debt

Reasons to Use Tribal Loans

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, you may want to know what you can use this for.

Here are the top reasons most people need a tribal, or installment, loan.
  • Medical procedure expense

  • Prescriptions not covered by insurance

  • Rent payment is due

  • Car needs fixing

  • Groceries for the month

  • Daycare expenses

  • Emergency travel expense

  • Car payment is due

These are only a few reasons. Your situation and needs may differ.
Tip: only borrow what you need. Our recommendation is to borrow less than $1,000.


Tribal Lender Loan Terms and Rates

Tribal LenderLoan AmountMin. APRMax. APRFundingFull Review
mobiloans reviews$200 - $2,500206.14%442.31%24 hoursMobiloans Reviews
$300 - $1,000200%2,290%24 hoursGolden Valley Lending Reviews
greenline loans$300 - $1,000Not Listed762.33%24 hoursGreenline Loans Reviews
green arrow loans$100 - $1,000Not Listed779.99%24 hoursGreen Arrow Loans Reviews
american web loan$300 - $2,500Not ListedNot ListedSame DayAmerican Web Loan Reviews
plain green loans$500 - $3,000Not Listed438%24 hoursPlain Green Loans Reviews
big picture loans$200 - $3,50035%475%24 hoursBig Picture Loans Reviews
maxlend$100 - $2,500471.78%841.45%Same dayMaxlend Reviews
green trust cash$300 - $1,000475%725%24 hoursGreen Trust Cash Reviews
radiant cash$300 - $1,000Not Listed574.99%24 hoursRadiant Cash Reviews
tremont lendingUp to $750Not Listed475%24 hoursTremont Lending Reviews
sierra lending$100 - $1,000388.55%1,505.67% 24 hoursSierra Lending Reviews
rapital capital$100 - $1,000550%780%24 hoursRapital Capital Reviews
green stream lending$100 - $800818.12%1,209.19%24 hoursGreen Stream Lending Reviews
target cash now$100 - $2,500Not Listed795%24 hoursTarget Cash Now Reviews
uncle warbucks$100 - $1,000550% 780%24 hoursUncle Warbucks Reviews
gentle breeze loans$100 - $800818.12%1,209.19%24 hoursGentle Breeze Loans Review
green pine lending$400 - $1,000Not Listed780%24 hoursGreen Pine Lending Review
riverbend cash$300 - $1,000550%780%24 hoursRiverbend Cash Reviews
mountain summit financial$300 - $1,000200%2,290%24 hoursMountain Summit Financial Reviews
cash aisle$100 - $2,500589%829%24 hoursCash Aisle Reviews
majestic lake financial$300 - $1,000200%2,290%24 hoursMajestic Lake Financial Reviews
My Flex Cash$100 - $1,000608.33%1564.29%24 hoursMy Flex Cash Reviews
north cash$300 - $1,800Not Listed720%24 hoursNorthcash Reviews
white hills cash$300 - $500Not Listed707.17%24 hours
path lending$100 - $1,000Not Listed720%24 hours
500 fast cash$500Not ListedNot Listed24 hours500FastCash Loan Reviews
ladder credit$100 - $1,300Not ListedNot Listed24 hours500Ladder Credit Reviews
arrowhead advance$100 - $1,000200% 830%24 hoursArrowhead Advance Reviews
bright star cash$300 - $1,000510.02%699.98%24 hoursBright Star Reviews
credit cube$100 - $400259.94% 779.97% 24 hoursCredit Cube Reviews
rushmore financial$100 - $400388.55%1505.63% 24 hours
lakeshore loans$100 - $600Not ListedNot Listed24 hoursLakeshore Loans Review
evergreen loans$250 - $1,500273.75%782.14%24 hoursEvergreen Loans Review
blue river lending$100 - $1,000Not Listed747.96%24 hoursBlue River Lending Reviews
sky trail cash$100 - $1,000Not Listed646.56%24 hours
ubicash$100 - $1,000500%659%24 hours
blue trust loans$100 - $2,500471.78%841.45%24 hoursBlue Trust Loans Reviews
great plains lending$100 - $3,000118.66%448.76%24 hoursGreat Plains Lending Reviews
americash loans$50 - $4,000Unlisted521%24 hoursAmericash Loans Review
spotloan$300 - $800450%490%24 hoursSpotloan Review
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