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Article Title: How Does This Lender Stack Up?

Short Description: This lender is a tribal lender offering bad credit installment loans and claims to be an alternative solution to payday loans. MaxLend operates in a is a sovereign nation, and is owned and controlled by, the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, a federally-recognized sovereign American Indian Tribe. But is a loan from Maxlend worth it in the end? We investigate...

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They are a tribal lender that offers bad credit installment loans, and an alternative to payday loans.  Unlike payday loans, an installment loan from them can be repaid over time.  However, the interest rates are very expensive and range from 471.78% 841.45% APR.  The amount you can borrow starts at $300, with a maximum of $2,500 for first time borrowers.  You should only use this lender if you have an emergency expense that need to be paid quickly, and, you’ve exhausted all other resources.

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  • Fast and smooth application experience
  • Decent option for people with bad credit
  • Decent option for emergency expenses that come up
  • Maxlend offers a rewards program for existing borrowers


  • Very high interest rates ranging from 471.78% to 841.45% APR.  The amount you’ll pay depends on your credit worthiness.
  • Not a good solution for large financial purchases
  • Not good if you have the means to shop around and compare lenders that offer installment loans

With a variety of choices in the market, you will find the choices near limitless. Payday loans may not be for everyone but if you still need a loan, tribal lending may be right for you. With that, this article is an in-depth review of MaxLend, a tribal lending company located in North Dakota.

MaxLend specializes in small unsecured installment loans for individuals needing a quick loan to help boost their cash situation. With some loans being funded same day, you have the possibility of accessing your money substantially quicker than traditional lending methods.

Overview of MaxLend

At first glance you notice their clean landing page with all the necessary links and information to begin your application process. One unique feature you’ll notice is MaxLend offers their customers a rewards program. Not many lenders offer that and depending on the qualifications and your needs, can be an added benefit to your account.

Further down the homepage you will see where you can eSign your note if you gain approval. Also, if you have minimal to no credit, you are still welcome to apply as MaxLend bases their decision off several factors. Lastly, if you are a returning customer you are provided a link to navigate your rewards or the status of your current note.

If you reside in the states of Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington or West Virginia, you are unable able to apply for a loan at the sole discretion of the Tribe.

Tip:  Always verify that a lender is licensed in your state before signing any loan documents.  If they are not licensed to operate and provide legal loans, they could be a loan shark.

Rewards Program

One of the unique items you’ll notice is the rewards program offered. There are four different tiers available and they are as follows:

Green Rewards

  • Loans up to $1,750
  • Up to 270 days to repay
  • Rates up to $24.50 per $100

Silver Rewards

  • Loans up to $2,000
  • Up to 270 days to repay
  • Rates up to $21.50 per $100

Gold Rewards

  • Loans up to $2,250
  • Up to 300 days to repay
  • Rates up to $18.30 per $100

Platinum Rewards

  • Loans up to $2,500
  • Up to 300 days to repay
  • Rates up to $16.00 per $100

In order to work your way through the different tiers, you will need to pay your loan in full with no late payments and continue using MaxLend for your future borrowing needs. When you apply for a loan you are automatically enrolled and as you return you can view your account to view your current reward tier.

Loan Rates and Terms: How Much Will it Cost?

As mentioned, MaxLend offers an unsecured installment loan that is for people needing small loans. With loans ranging from $100 to $2,500, you will find an amount to fit your short-term financial needs. However, if this is your first time borrowing with MaxLend, you are limited to a maximum amount of $1,475.

The interest rate you receive will reside between 471.78% up to 841.45%. Rates vary greatly based on internal measures and the status of your credit. If you have a lower credit score you can expect to pay a higher interest rate.

The Application Process

Like many in the industry, MaxLend makes the application process extremely simple and it can be completed all online. However, before you apply you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must provide a verifiable source of income deposited into your checking account that meets the required minimum income.
  • Have an open and functional checking account that meets the minimum opened duration requirement.
  • Be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States.
  • Must not currently be a debtor in a bankruptcy case or presently intend to voluntarily file for bankruptcy relief.

To begin the process, you’ll click the apply now button and follow the steps. The first section is information including your home address, date of birth, phone number and social security number.

On the second step, you will input information regarding your paycheck and details regarding your income. The third and final step is your banking information, which will be the settling place of your funds if approved.

The process shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes, and MaxLend states you will quickly receive your decision.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

Once you’ve completed your loan application, you will receive a decision and if you gain approval in a timely manner, you may be eligible for same day funding. Otherwise, you can look to have your funds deposited into your account next day.

After your approval, you will also receive an amortization schedule laying out how your loan payments are structured. With MaxLend, you can repay your note early, which saves you money on interest expense. Ensuring you are not late will also save you money on late fees and future trouble.

While there is nothing on their website regarding a right of rescission or loan cancelation, you may want to request more information if this is something you might need to utilize.

The Bottom Line

When applying for a loan it’s important to know your information is securely being transmitted. MaxLend states their privacy policy within the FAQ section of their site, allowing you complete your due diligence before moving forward.

Also, all the contact information you need is easily accessible and can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Having this available will give you the peace of mind should an issue arise.

Overall, MaxLend is a competitive lender and with the addition of a rewards program, it can be value added if you know you may need more than one loan. With a clean and quick process,

MaxLend is certainly worth your time exploring and considering for your next installment loan.

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