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When traditional banks and lenders turn their backs on you, it can be devastating…not only for you, but your family. Bad credit can hold you back from getting what you need in life.  A house.  Car.  Education.  And for most people, paying unexpected bills.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Here’s why.

We analyzed every bad credit lender available.  Interest rates, loan terms and more.  And after months of analysis, here’s what we discovered.  A large percentage of bad credit lenders are shady as the shade under a tree.  The fact is, most are greedy as a wild hog.

Here’s the good news.

Bad credit lender, Opploans, is in your corner.  They go above and beyond to help borrowers with bad credit get financed for a wide variety of needs.  You can use Opploans for just about anything.  Car repairs, family/kids bills, rent, medical, a major purchase…and even to pay off other loans.

The best part is Opploans has fast approval times and one of the lowest interest rates for bad credit borrowers – starting at just 99% APR.  This *might* seem like a high interest rate.  But compare that to the average industry interest rate of 400% APR.  Check out the Opploans table below for a comparison.

Important: Opploans is a direct lender.  They will never share your information with other lenders.  Applying for a personal loan is fast and easy.  It only takes a 2-3 minutes to apply…and you can get funded within 24 hours.  Just follow the steps below.

Here's How You Do It:

Step 1: Click the ‘Apply Now‘ button below.  It will take you directly to the Opploans website.

Step 2: Begin the application process (only takes 2-3 minutes)