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Article Title: How Does This Lender Stack Up?

Short Description: They are a tribal lender that offers short-term installment loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit. Owned and operated the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, which is a federally recognized sovereign tribal government. Rates are very expensive. But is a loan from this lender worth it in the end?

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They offer bad credit installment loans at very high interest rates.  We understand that many lenders in this space must charge high interest rates, due to the risks involved.  However, many states in the U.S. cap interest rates for loans at 35%.  Because this lender operates under the laws of a federally recognized sovereign tribe, the 35% rate cap does not apply to them.  They charge a whopping 779.99% APR, so be cautious when dealing with this lender.  You can borrow a minimum of $100 up to $1,000.

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  • Decent option if you’ve exhausted all other financial resources at your disposal
  • Application process is quick and simple
  • Funds can be deposited within 24 business hours
  • Decent option for people that have credit issues and can’t obtain traditional financing


  • Very expensive form of borrowing.  Interest rates start at 779.99% APR
  • Not a good solution if you have decent credit rating
  • Not a good solution for large financial purposes

In the world of payday lenders, it seems there is an endless amount of options and choices. This makes it difficult to determine the good, from the bad, from the ugly. Green Arrow Loans aims to step above the crowd and offer an experience that is both pleasurable and seamless.

This review of Green Arrow Loans includes products, fees and other prudent information necessary to make an informed decision. You can visit their website for complete details, but this review will cover everything you need to know.

Overview of Green Arrow Loans

Located in Finley, California, Green Arrow Loans is a lender that specializes in unsecured installment loans. These are designed to be approved quickly and put into your account within a day or two after approval.

While Green Arrow lacks a proper about us page, they do advertise why you should choose them as your lender. The company promotes friendly assistance, quick approval times, paperless processing and flexible payment plans to name a few.

If you need you reach out to the company, you can contact Green Arrow via email, telephone or mail at their 3 listed contact points. This is handy if an issue arises in the application process or you might be late on a payment.

The website does have a page dedicated to the security of the website. This page details information regarding how your information is secure and how you can help ensure information is securely transmitted. A complete list of information is located at the bottom of Green Arrow’s homepage.

What Type of Loans Are Available?

As mentioned, Green Arrow specialized in small, unsecured loans for individuals looking for a quick cash flow boost. With specializing in a product such as this, the terms and information are very cut and dry. If you are a first-time borrower, you may borrow a maximum of $300. However, if you are not a first-time borrower you limit is $1,000.

Going further into the rates and terms of Green Arrow’s services you will find the APR for the loans. While it isn’t specific, the loans can range as high as 779.99% APR, which is extremely high and can cost you over the life of the note.

If approved for a loan, your payments will be in equal bi-weekly installments that correspond with your pay cycle. You’ll want to pay off the note as quickly as possible because the interest rate will quickly cost more than the principal balance of the note.

The  Loan Process

Qualifying for the loan process is simple. You must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be employed, receiving regular income.
  • Earn at least $1,000/month.
  • Be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen.
  • Must have a valid checking account.

Be aware that other restriction may apply.

Applying for a loan needs to be simple and Green Arrow strives to make the application process as quick as 5 minutes. When you land on the application page you’ll begin by selecting the amount you wish to borrow.

The next step is to complete your profile with information including your social security number, address, date of birth and phone number. From there, you’ll begin to input information about your employer. This verifies you have income and can repay the note.

The final step is to include your banking information. If you gain approval, this is how Green Arrow will deposit money into your account. Once you agree and submit, you will likely hear back on the decision within 24 hours.

If you reside in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, Vermont, Washing or West Virginia, you are not eligible to apply for a loan.

Loan Repayment and Fees

When comes time to repay your loan there are several methods you can utilize. The most convenient method is an ACH payment that is automatically withdraw from your account. If you prefer, you can also send a certified check to the address listed on their website.

Repaying a loan according to the amortization schedule is acceptable, but you do have the ability to make early payments. This is advantageous for you because it will save you money on interest and with higher than average APR’s, that will add up quickly.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you might miss a payment, there are a couple items to consider. First, Green Arrow does not offer an extension on the note. On their website, they company clearly states, “no extensions, renewals, or “rollovers” are permitted”.

Furthermore, if you are unable to make a timely payment you will incur a $30 late charge and if you are late long enough your account moves to a collection agency.

Can I Cancel a Loan After I Am Approved?

If after you’ve accepted the terms and conditions of your loan you decide you no longer want the note, you do have an option to cancel the note. To cancel the note, you need to complete a cancellation form within your account portal, electronically sign and submit the form prior to 3:00pm Mountain time on the following business day.

What Credit Score Do I Need to Be Eligible?

When applying for a loan your credit report will show Green Arrow pulling a copy of your report. This is necessary for them to make an informed decision about you as a potential client. While this does impact your credit score, it varies person to person on the exact score. Submitting multiple applications at the same time can negatively impact your score.

Overall, Green Arrow strives to provide you with the tools necessary to make an informed decision, submit the application quickly and receive an answer within 24 hours. However, keep in mind that with the high APR it can be costly to borrow and if you are unable to repay the note, late fees will make your payment that much larger.

Check out Green Arrow for yourself and reach out to them if you have any questions.  You can also check out our other tribal loan lender reviews.


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