Green Arrow Loans Review

Considering Green Arrow Loans for a short term loan? Get the facts before you apply...

green arrow loan reviews

Is Green Arrow Loans an Honest Lender? Let’s Find Out…

Our Review of Green Arrow Loans

Brian Allen

green arrow loans reviews
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Green Arrow Loans offers bad credit installment loans at very high interest rates. 

We understand that many lenders in this space must charge high interest rates, due to the risks involved. 

However, many states in the U.S. cap interest rates for loans at 35%.  Because this lender operates under the laws of a federally recognized sovereign tribe, the 35% rate cap does not apply to them. 

They charge a whopping 779.99% APR, so be cautious when dealing with this lender.  You can borrow a minimum of $100 up to $1,000.


– Decent option if you’ve exhausted all other financial resources at your disposal

– Application process is quick and simple

– Funds can be deposited within 24 business hours

– Decent option for people that have credit issues and can’t obtain traditional financing


– Very expensive form of borrowing.  Interest rates start at 779.99% APR

– Not a good solution if you have decent credit rating

– Not a good solution for large financial purposes


Been hit with an unexpected bill?  Lost your job and now have zero income?  Listen, this happens to millions of hard-working Americans each year.  You aren’t alone. 

The question is, where can you turn for a bad credit loan when you run into hard times?  That said, you might be considering Green Arrow Loans for a tribal loan.

In this lender guide and Green Arrow Loans review, we will be covering a few key things:

  • How this lender works
  • How much you can borrow
  • The average cost of a loan
  • Loan terms and conditions you should be aware of
  • How to apply so you get funding fast
  • And more…

Let’s find out if Green Arrow Loans is a scam, shall we?

What is Green Arrow Loans and How Does it Work?

how it works

Green Arrow Loans is a bad credit lender, located in Finley, California, and specializes in short term installment loans. With short term installment loans, you have more flexibility to repay the loan over time…and often get more favorable loan terms versus payday loans.  The company is owned and operated by the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, a federally-recognized American Indian tribe and sovereign government.   Here’s a brief breakdown of how this lender works (and what you should do):

  • Check their loan rates and terms to start with (see below for rates)
  • If you still want to move forward, start completing the loan application (see below on the best way to do this)
  • During the application process, be sure to read any terms, conditions and disclosures
  • After submitting the application, you should receive an answer within minutes.
  • If you are satisfied with the terms, Green Arrow Loans will deposit the money into your bank account within 24 hours.
  • You will then start repaying the loan on your next pay period, in installments
  • Depending on the payment terms you set, this loan can extend out for months (see below for details)

How Much Can I Borrow From Green Arrow Loans?

how much can i borrow

Green Arrow has loan options for new customer and existing customers.  If you are a new customer to Green Arrow Loans, you will only qualify for the minimum loan amount.  This is because you first need to build positive payment history.  After you pay the loan off, while making on-time payments, you’ll be eligible to borrow up to the maximum amount on your next loan (if you need to).

That said, here are the minimum and maximum amounts you can borrow:

New Customers

  • Minimum – $100
  • Maximum – $300

Returning Customers

  • Minimum – $100
  • Maximum – $1,000

How Much Does Green Arrow Loans Cost?

how much a loan cost

We’ll cut to the chase — it’s not cheap.  However, bad credit lenders often charge extreme interest rates to offset their risk.  This is how they are able to charge so much for a short term loan.  Green Arrow is taking on significant risk by lending money if you have bad credit.  There’s a chance you could lose your job, disappear or simply default on the loan.  You will discover, after researching rates, that not all lenders charge extreme rates.

For example, Opploans is very transparent about their interest rates.  The maximum APR you will pay is 199%.  That is far less than the industry average of 440% APR.

Green Arrow does not openly list the interest rates on their website.  Instead, they say you will know the rate/s after submitting your application.  They do, however, give an example of what it might cost to repay a loan.  Let’s see how much it will cost you, based on their example.

Here’s How Much a $300 Will Cost With a 9 Month Payback

  • Amount Financed – $300
  • Payment Every Two Weeks – $78.88
  • Total of 19 Payments –  $1,538.06
  • APR – 779.99%
  • Total Interest – $1,238.06
  • All Payments and Fees – $1,538.06

What Are The Green Arrow Loan Terms and Conditions?

is green arrow a scam?

Unlike payday loans that require you to pay back loans in full on your next pay period, short term installment loans can be repaid over time.  With Green Arrow, you will have the flexibility to repay over time.  When considering this lender, the three main points you should consider are:  how much the interest rates are (see above for example), loan terms, and any potential hidden fees.  With Green Arrow, you should be extremely careful.  The lender does not state any terms, rates or potential hidden fees on their website or loan application.

You will only discover this important information after you have submitted the loan.  However, based on the example provided on their website, here’s what we know:

  • Late payments, returned checks and insufficient funds to debit your bank account will result in a penalty
  • There may be a potential pre-payment fee, if you decide to repay the loan before the loan term ends
  • There is a potential origination fee

How to Apply for a Green Arrow Loan

Applying for a Green Arrow Loan is simple, and in most cases, fast.

Step 1 of Application:  Fill Out Your Personal Details

loan application step 1

On step1 of the application, simply enter your personal details.  Be sure to include your real information.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Social Security #
  • Physical Address

Step 2 of Application:  Employment and Banking Details

loan application step 2

Step 2 requires that you enter your employment, income and banking details.

  • Employer Name
  • Income Type (employed, unemployed, social security, disability, etc)
  • Monthly Income
  • Months Employed
  • Direct Deposit
  • Active Military
  • Bank Name
  • Account Type (checking or savings)
  • Account Open Date
  • Bank Account #
  • Routing #

Step 3 of Application:  Agree to Terms and Submit

loan application step 3

On this step, simply select if you’d like to receive notifications.  Then read the terms and conditions.  If satisfied, agree and submit the application.

The Advantages of Green Arrow Loans


Despite the disadvantages of an extremely high interest rate, Green Arrow Loans does have a couple of advantages.  For starters, it might be the only option if you have severely bad credit.  Perhaps you’ve tried traditional lenders, and even other bad credit lenders, only to be turned down time and again.  That said, if you have bad credit, Green Arrow might be a solution for you.  Here is a list of advantages we’ve put together that can help you make an informed decision.

  • Accepts all types of credit (do not use if you have average to excellent credit, obviously)
  • Does not run a ‘hard credit check’ (doesn’t affect your credit score)
  • Simple online loan application
  • Provides funding within 24 hours of approval
  • Can help establish or rebuild credit
  • Payments can be stretched out over time

Green Arrow Loans Disadvantages


You’ve seen the advantages.  Now let’s dig into the disadvantages.  For starters, the APR is extremely high, based on the example given on their website.  The example given states the average APR is 779.99%.  The industry average APR for bad credit lending is between 400% – 440%.  By the way, another lender you should consider before applying to Green Arrow Loans, is tribal lender Big Picture Loans.  They offer interest rates starting at 25% for eligible borrowers.  Here’s a list of the disadvantages.

  • Average APR is 779.99%
  • You will likely pay back 5x what you borrowed
  • You can ruin your credit and get trapped in debt if you can’t make payments
  • Does not list APR rates on their website
  • Is not transparent with loan terms and disclosures
  • Potential pre-payment penalty

Have you used Green Arrow Loans?  Leave a review below for others considering this lender!