Name: Gentle Breeze Loans

Description: If you have bad credit and need an emergency, short-term loan you should NOT consider Gentle Breeze Loans. Mainly because the interest rate can be as high as 1,209.19% or higher.

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Review Summary of Gentle Breeze Loans

Gentle Breeze Loans is a company/lender that specializes in short-term, tribal loans. They provide funding at extremely high APR rates and typically offer loans to consumers with bad credit and no one else to turn.  They are one of several tribal lenders, however their APR is one of the highest we’ve seen.  If you’ve found yourself in a pickle and you need a short-term loan for emergency purposes, our advice is to stay away from this lender.  If bad credit is an issue, there are several other installment loan options you should consider.  Many people don’t know this, but you can reach out to your local credit union and usually get the funding you need.

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  • Great for emergency situations and short term needs.
  • Lender works with consumers that have bad credit.
  • Funds are deposited into your account fast, typically within 24 hours on business days.
  • Can borrow up to $800.


  • The APR is sky high.  A shocking 1,209.19% APR.
  • Doesn’t provide full explanation of loan terms until after you’ve submitted an application.
  • Customer support isn’t that great.
  • Is not a long term loan solution.
  • Their website seems sketchy and does not have a valid SSL to protect consumer information during the application process.

Update: Here’s What You Should Know About Gentle Breeze Loans (Beware)

Life can change quickly, putting you in a situation you aren’t prepared for. In many of those situations, money lessens, and you need more of it. You can look to take the more known route of payday lenders, but those are inefficient. With tribal lending, you can receive a loan quickly but still have the flexibility of an installment loan.

Gentle Breeze is a tribal lender that specializes in small unsecured installment loans. Typically, you can receive funds in as little as 24-hours. This article will be on in-depth review of Gentle Breeze, helping you to determine if they are worth exploring.

Overview of Gentle Breeze Loans

Right away you’ll notice the basic website with the necessary information to understand where you are. You see you can borrow up to $800, approved in minutes and an allegedly simply process. This seems standard across the industry and is a must to remain competitive with others.

Beyond that, they highlight their tribal lending enterprise information that gives detail as to what they do and what they are a part of. However, after that their website leaves much to be desired. There’s no information regarding how these loans are to be properly used, as well as a lack of FAQ.

Gentle Breeze Loans Rates & Terms: How Much Will it Cost?

As mentioned, the product is an unsecured installment loan aimed to help your short-term financial situation. You should never use a tribal loan to solve a longer-term financial situation as this is an expensive form of credit.

On the fees page of their website, you can see the breakdown of a hypothetical note, giving you the idea of how yours will work. You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $800 and the interest rate you receive will be between 818.12% up to 1,209.19%, which is on the higher side compared to others.  This is borderline loan shark and usury APR rates, FYI.

Gentle Breeze Loans Application Process

You will quickly find the application process to be simple and painless, all being done on one screen. In the first section, you will input information such as your name, address, date of birth, phone number and social security number.

Jumping to the second section, this is where you’ll provide detail on your employment and income. Gentle Breeze will need this to qualify you for a loan. Many tribal lenders require you have an income of a certain level in order to obtain a loan.

After you complete that you will then input references and banking information. Put the baking information you want your funds to go into. While the references are not clear what they are used for, should you have any questions reach out before completing the application process.

Once you’ve done all of that, you can submit your application and you will receive a decision shortly after.

How Fast Can I Get Money From Gentle Breeze Loans?

After you’ve been approved, you will receive your loan proceeds in your bank account, typically within 24-hours. This makes a tribal loan perfect for a situation such an emergency or unexpected bill.

In your loan documents you will find all the legal information including your loan amortization schedule. This is what you will use to repay your loan. While you can certainly follow it, you will find more benefit to paying your loan off early as it will save you in interest expense. Gentle Breeze does allow for early payoff and you need to take advantage of that if possible.

The Bottom Line on Gentle Breeze Loans

Information Missing

While not necessary, there are certain bits of information you should know before applying for a loan. Gentle Breeze lacks a common FAQ page or other informational page to help you with a few questions you might have.

Loan Cancellation

One of the more common questions people have is can they cancel their loan. It varies from business to business, but many times that information is in the loan agreement at the time of signing. You will look for a rescission period or cancellation notice, along with the requirements to cancel the loan. If you need to know that information prior to applying, reach out via their contact information.

Credit Check

Some institutions will not run a traditional credit check, rather running their own internal check using proprietary software or technology. While this isn’t critical important, it is worth knowing before you apply.

Overall, it appears Gentle Breeze will get you what you need, however, their website is lacking in information you likely will want to know. That being said, there are others in the industry that provide better upfront value and leave you feeling completely knowledgeable.

The rates are higher than some in the industry, but this could be they lend to higher risk individuals. Gentle Breeze is a extra, straight forward business where your application can be done on their website. We would love to give you more, but their website is basic and dry.

However, take the time to look around their page and see if they are the right fit for you and decide for yourself if Gentle Breeze is worth your business.