Loan Sharks

Loan sharks, or predatory lenders as they are often called, are a financial option you should never consider.  Illegal lenders are regulated and can cause more harm than good. If you have bad credit and have been turned down by other lenders, there is still hope. This page will help you understand what loan sharks are and how to find an alternative bad credit loan. There are several ways to get a bad credit loan without resorting to predatory lenders.  For instance, you can contact your local credit union for help.  Or, if you need an emergency loan under $1,000, ask friends or family for a micro-loan.  In addition, I'm sure there are several things in your home that you can sell on eBay or Amazon. Either way, predatory lenders are not the solution.   We've curated a list of resources below to help you learn more about loan sharks and how to find a bad credit loan for your situation.