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At GoLoans, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a loan. Especially when you have bad credit.

Which is why in August of 2018, we created GoLoans, to help consumers just like you, find legitimate financing and the best rates for bad credit.

Lenders often take advantage of people with bad credit, and our #1 goal is to prevent that from happening.

Fast forward to January of 2019: Brian Allen becomes Editor-in-Chief. With a background in finance and consumer lending, Brian’s purpose is clear: to help cash-strapped people find legitimate lenders, with the best possible rates. He also writes extensively about how to get out of debt.

But Brian hasn’t always been a debt-free financial guru. He’s learned many financial lessons over the years.

In 2002, Brian owned a lucrative company as a home builder in Sarasota, FL. But then, the 2007 recession hit the United States and he lost everything. He lost his business and went bankrupt a year later. With a wife and 4 children to support, he had to find a way to make income fast.

He decided he never wanted to be in this position again, so he consumed every book and course he could find about personal finance. In the meantime, he worked a fullt-ime job as a car salesman and barely got by.

He reached out to us in November of 2018, with a hope and a dream: to help consumers avoid the pitfalls he encountered in 2007.

His passion for personal finance, along with helping others in need, was the driving force in GoLoans hiring him as our Editor-in-Chief.

With all that said, here’s what you can expect from GoLoans:

Personal Finance Articles

While it may seem quite boring, learning how to better manage your finances is important. Learning these principles helps you create/manage a budget and avoid debt.

Advice on How to Get Out of Debt

It all starts with a monthly budget. Once you create a budget — and stick to it — you can then form a plan on how to get out of debt. There are several ways to do this, depending on your financial situation.

Avoid Loan and Credit Scams

Consumers with bad credit are scammed every single day. Lenders often take advantage of you, knowing just how desperate you are to pay bills, etc. We write updated articles on the latest scams to help you avoid the headaches.

Lender Reviews

Not all lenders are created equal. You have lenders that care about their customers and offer reasonable rates — and others that charge borderline illegal interest rates. The latter can keep in in severe debt for a long period of time. We write in-depth articles and reviews about each lender to make sure you know which lenders are good — and those you should avoid like the plague.

Credit Card Reviews (Coming Soon)

Credit cards can be a blessing — or a curse. If you have bad credit, it can be difficult to obtain a credit card at all. We review the top credit cards from the major creditors and help you find secured credit cards that help you rebuild credit in the process.

Business Credit and Loan Resources

Have a business or starting one? You may need financing or a business credit card. We write extensively on how to build business credit, business lender reviews, and more.

Loan Calculators and Tools (Coming Soon)

See how much you will have to pay for your loan, based on your household income, estimated credit score and more. This is an invaluable resource to help you understand how much you’ll be charged for a loan in the long-term.

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